Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

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  • ISBN 9780399158971
  • 448 Pages
  • G.P. Putnam’s Sons
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Charles Hayden returns in the thrilling new naval adventure from bestselling author S. Thomas Russell, today’s “Patrick O’Brian for a new generation” (Kirkus Reviews).
Master and Commander Charles Hayden has received fresh orders that take him and the HMS Themis to the Caribbean, with instructions to meddle with French shipping to the colonies. While en route, they rescue two Spanish castaways who beg for help fleeing from a vengeful family situation—Hayden agrees to do what he can, though it’s soon clear his two new guests aren’t exactly what they seem.

Arriving in the lawless Caribbean seas, Hayden and Themis find themselves torn between the forces of reckless English captains, conflicts between royalist and revolutionary Frenchmen, and Spanish ships that are enemies to both England and France. And when someone very dear to him is kidnapped, Hayden may sacrifice everything in a reckless pursuit to save her. . . .
Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

S. Thomas Russell


Praise for Until the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

“S. Thomas Russell spins another swiftly paced and stirring naval adventure, chock full of rich characters and daring exploits set against the vast canvas that was Georgian England under sail.”—Quarterdeck Magazine

“An engrossing entertainment.  The opening could be mistaken for a perfectly crafted romantic historical . . . Never fear, though, devotees of naval battles, there are also pages of tactics and age-of-sail strategizing, many hand-to-hand, black-powder-choked struggles and insanely dangerous harbor raids.  [The novel] is superlatively easy to read, period correct in every detail and crafted by a skillful writer – what’s not to like?”—Historical Novels Review

“Master and Commander Charles Hayden of the Royal British Navy is simply not a character meant for repose, but the challenges he faces in this fourth outing are as emotionally nerve-wracking as they are physically dangerous. . . . [a] marvelous series but also one that humanizes its bold, thoughtful and intrepid captain.”—Kirkus Reviews

Praise for the Charles Hayden series by S. Thomas Russell
“[Russell is] incredibly skilled at crafting these seafaring adventures. Hayden makes for a rich character whose internal turmoil lends credence to his role as master and commander, while his crew is as varied and interesting as any of Patrick O’Brian’s lot. Another vivid adventure with a tumultuous historical backdrop—not to be missed by fans of pirates and naval strategy or by history buffs.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Historical readers will cherish this strong naval saga with vivid sea battles, strong characterizations, and a deep sense of time and place.” —Midwest Book Review

“Vivid and evocative, especially about what Mr. Russell knows best, the sea and sailing.” —The Wall Street Journal


A Charles Hayden Novel
S. Thomas Russell


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