Users, Not Customers

Users, Not Customers

Who Really Determines the Success of Your Business

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If you’re still chasing customers online, you’re looking at the challenge backward.

Aaron Shapiro helps companies build thriving digitally driven businesses. In his firm’s extensive study of the Fortune 1000, a clear pattern emerged: the most successful companies drive sales by focusing on users instead of just customers. This is a fundamental strategic shift.

Rather than trying to get people to buy stuff online, these companies home in on the user experience. They’ve realized that building relationships between people and their brand has huge value, even if those users aren’t spending a dime on their products (yet).

It’s no secret that Internet-based companies like Google and Facebook thrive by building their user base before turning to monetization. Shapiro’s big insight is that offline companies can successfully do the same, integrating offline products with an online presence and building platforms that create a lasting relationship between their brand and their users. Shapiro provides a strategic approach to refocusing your business in every way, from technology infrastructure and management to product design and marketing.


“A much-needed, incisive guide to creating a genuinely appealing digital presence.”

Publishers Weekly


Users, Not Customers is so interesting and important… Mr. Shapiro has produced something of real value for marketers.”



Users Not Customers is a must read for anyone seeking to integrate digital experiences with their products and services. Shapiro presents a wonderful novel perspective on the evolving role of digital in business as a tool for interacting with the world.”

—Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School