Victory Road

Victory Road

The Ride of My Life

Written by: Helio Castroneves
Foreword by: Roger Penske

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101437902
  • 304 Pages
  • Celebra
  • Adult


The Indianapolis 500 champion and winner of season five’s Dancing with the Stars shares his heartfelt story about determination, family, justice, and beating all odds to win.

With his signature victory celebration of climbing the fence after taking the checkered flag and his radiant performances that earned him the coveted crystal ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, Helio’s infectious enthusiasm garnered the admiration of millions of fans-both on and off the track. Therefore no one, including him, could have predicted that one day he would sit in a federal court along with his sister/manager facing 10 years in jail. After his grueling trial-where justice prevailed and charges were dropped-Helio learned more than ever before about his family, true friends, faith, and the road to victory. In this book, Helio Castroneves tells his resilient story about his greatest accomplishments, most devastating experiences, becoming a father, and valuing what is truly important in life.
Victory Road

Victory Road

Written by: Helio Castroneves, Foreword by: Roger Penske