Viva La Madness

Viva La Madness

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  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781468301755
  • 448 Pages
  • Adult


The Get Carter of the 2000s, Layer Cake was made into a highly praised film starring Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller. Now Connolly is back with a sequel filled with his trademark dark humor, razor-sharp dialogue, and quick-fi re violence. In Viva la Madness the anonymous hero of Layer Cake is stranded in the Caribbean, itching for the gangster life he left behind–but he’s still a wanted man back home. Soon he joins forces with two robust London criminals: the menacing Sonny King and his paranoid partner Roy "Twitchy" Burns. From the beach to an urban underworld, Viva la Madness moves to trans-Atlantic drug deals and high-tech electronic fraud, portrayed with the same uncanny believability. A dazzling combination of London low-life and Caribbean high-life, readers will find this antihero’s voice authentic and whiplash inducing in equal shares.


"A storming piece of work . . . the novel has a grasp of street argot unparalleled since Kinky Friedman first sashayed out of his front door and nailed a checker straight out of the bat."
– –D. J. Taylor

"An immensely entertaining read."
– –The Spectator

"Stunningly original . . . utterly mesmerizing."
– –Booklist

"Fast and funny and just frightening enough to make you sit up all night finishing the book."
– –Independent on Sunday

"Readers who reveled in Connolly’s first twisted crime confection, Layer Cake (2001), will rejoice in this sequel, another tale of decadence and derring-do . . . Mystery fans will enjoy the rapid-fire dialogue, wry British wit, and breathless plot, crammed with double crosses."
– –Booklist
"The action in Mr. Connolly’s novels gallops by at a frantic pace . . . abundantly worth the wait . . . Mr. Connolly’s novels, for all their ever-present reek of cordite, their Darwinian struggles for mastery, their gallows humor and their passionate engagement with every bent caper you care to name, are a great deal closer to ‘serious fiction’ than pulp. Their real theme, it turns out, is deracination."
– –Wall Street Journal

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