Voyage of the Fox Rider

Voyage of the Fox Rider

A Novel of Mithgar

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101626474
  • 592 Pages
  • Roc
  • Adult


The Mage Alamar has never forgotten the life debt he owes to Farrix, one of the legendary Hidden Ones of Mithgar, who keep to themselves and avoid contact with ordinary humans. So when Farrix’s mate, the Lady Jinnarin, appears on Alamar’s doorstep, he fears the worst.
Months ago, Farrix vanished—and Jinnarin has been plagued by nightmares of him being in danger ever since. To find him, Alamar and Jinnarin must embark on a journey across the sea to confront a master of dark magic preparing to open a portal between Mithgar and a destructive Dark God….  
Voyage of the Fox Rider

Voyage of the Fox Rider

Written by: Dennis L. McKiernan


“Great, grand thundering adventure…sure to stir even an armchair reader’s blood.”—Janny Wurts, author of Initiate’s Trial

“I loved it…a wonderful fantasy on the high seas….It’s got romance and disaster and plenty of magic.”—Kate Elliott, author of Cold Steel

“A fast-paced story with heart, humor, and panache. This is heroic fantasy in the grand style.”—Susan Shwartz, author of Hostile Takeover