Walking In the Midst of Fire

Walking In the Midst of Fire

A Remy Chandler Novel

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101614211
  • 352 Pages
  • NAL
  • Adult


Remy Chandler, angel private investigator, is trying his damnedest to lead a normal life in a world on the verge of supernatural change. He’s found a new love—a woman his dog, Marlowe, approves of—and his best human friend is reluctantly coming to grips with how…unusual…Remy’s actions can be. And he’s finally reached a kind of peace between his true angelic nature and the human persona he created for himself so very long ago.

But that peace can’t last—Heaven and the Legions of the Fallen still stand on the brink of war. Then one of Heaven’s greatest generals is murdered, and it falls to Remy to discover who—or what—might be responsible for the death, which could trigger the final conflict…a conflict in which Earth will most certainly be the beachhead.
The deeper he digs, the further he goes into a dark world of demonic assassins, secret brothels, and things that are unsettling even to a being who has lived since time began. But it is not in his nature—angelic or human—to stop until he has found the killer, no matter the personal price….
Walking In the Midst of Fire

Walking In the Midst of Fire

Thomas E. Sniegoski


Praise for the Remy Chandler Novels

“Inventive…a hard-boiled noir fantasy by turns funny, unsettling, and heartbreaking.” —Christopher Golden, New York Times Bestselling Coauthor of Cemetery Girl

“Fast-moving, well-written, and wonderfully enchanting, this is one that fantasy readers won’t want to miss.” —Darque Reviews

“Remy and his human friends are engagingly believable characters in a series noted for flashes of humor despite its overall serious tone. Series fans and followers of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files will enjoy this urban fantasy.”—Library Journal


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