Wealth Shift

Wealth Shift

Profit Strategies for Investors as the Baby Boomers Approach Retirement

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101203248
  • 160 Pages
  • Perigee Books
  • Adult


Wealth Shift describes the enormous financial impact on all investors as they approach retirement, and their accumulated investments “shift” from wealth accumulation to wealth preservation. 

No matter what a person’s age or current financial profile, they need to know what to do about: preserving and growing wealth, pre-retirement and retirement investment strategies, real estate opportunities and challenges, hot investment sectors- healthcare, leisure, and entertainment, construction and infrastructue-and the future for bonds, dividends, and stocks. 

With real-life examples and sensible advice, Wealth Shift identifies challenges and opportunities, and defines the important courses of action that both anticipate and capitalize on the enormous shifts ahead. Whether a person is already retired, an early or late-stage boomer, a Gen Xer or younger, the good news is that they can: 

Develop strategies for preserving and growing wealth in the looming wealth shift
Learn how to be part of the wave that will lead the American economy
Discover the effects of political institutions and a consumer economy under stress
Take advantage of opportunities in real estate and other viable investments
Wealth Shift

Wealth Shift

Christopher D. Brooke

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