What Would Jackie Do?

What Would Jackie Do?

An Inspired Guide to Distinctive Living

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Table of Contents


1. Daily Bred: Exude Grace in Everything You Do 5

Obscure Your Ego to Reveal Your True Qualities n Noblesse Oblige for Beginners n First Lady±Like Impressions: How Not to Be an Interchangeable Woman n Gifting and Getting n Please Do Come: A Smashing Hostess Makes the Most Sought-After Guest n Hand Gestures: Scoring Big with Courtly Correspondence n At Their Leisure? Having Houseguests n Clan Destiny: Friends and Family Maintenance nPillar of Strength: Enduring Tragedy and Indiscretion n Would Jackie . . .

2. O! That Dress: What Your Clothes Say About You 47
How to Master the Effortless Rich Look n In Praise of the Knockoff n Vogue-ing n Appropriateness n What Works at Work n Generational Dressing: Grace at a Pace n Jackie Looks That Always Click n Wildcards That Win n Sticky Sartorial Situations n Would Jackie . . .

3. Bliss and Makeup: How to Affect the Jackie Glow 77
Hairdos=and Taboos n Makeup, What Makeup? n Jackiefs Justifiable Rites n Scents and Scents-ability n Gym Dandy: Chic Physical Fitness n Body Enhancements: The Dos and Donfts n Competitive Eating, Jackie-Style n The Allure of Alternative Cures n Would Jackie . . .

4. The Art of Attachment: Lessons on Sex, Marriage, and Men of Consequence 97
Acquisition Tactics 101 n Picking a Date vs. a Mate (and Recognizing the Difference) n Play with the Boys, But Choose a Man of Substance n Sexual Conduct In and Out of Marriage n On Sexual Aids and Elixirs n Having Your Way with Powerful Men n Exit Strategies: Drills for Bowing Out n Other Uses for the Other Sex n Would Jackie . . .

5. En Suite Home: Perfecting Your Domestic Pitch 125
Art Directing Your Palace n Define Your 8Treasurese and 8Horrorse n Necessary Objects n Say It with Flowers n Manse Modes: Country vs. City Living n Jackie Dos, Jackie Donfts n Habitat Habits n A Room of Onefs Own? n House Help n Home Cooking: Learn to Produce Authentic Kitchen Smells n Would Jackie . . .

6. Building Your Inner Temple: The Art of Self- Enrichment and Fulfillment 155
You Are the Mistress of All You Survey=and More n Be a Conspicuous (Culture) Consumer n Causes: How to Choose Them and Use Them n Caftan in a Kelly Bag: How to Travel Beautifully n Head Room: On Privacy and Personal Boundaries n Sticky Travel Situations n Heavenly Jackie: A Celestial Account n Would Jackie . . .

7. Career Whirl: Pearls for Getting Ahead 185
Insert Your Kitten-Heeled Shoe in the Door n First Career: First Lady n How to Advance Gracefully n Making Your Work Fit Your Life n Men vs. Women in the Workplace n Upstaging Office Politics n On Mentoring: How to Look Up and Down n Plot Your Own Perks n Would Jackie . . .

8. Goal Digger: Making Your Money Matter 207
Monetary Attitude Adjustments n 8Tit for Tate and Other Useful Money-Saving Winks n Slip Your (Elegantly Gloved) Hand into Othersf Pockets n Ka-Ching! How to Haggle and Hoard Like Jackie n Ways to Raise Cash in a Pinch n Identify Potential Investment Advisors Early n Diversify Your Purse n Grace and Wills n To Prenup or Not? n Would Jackie . . .

9. Heirs and Force: The Tenets of Passing the Torch 227
O=Behave! Jackiefs Anti-Brat Strategies n From Bassinet to Oval Office: Choosing Normal over Formal n Limiting Privilege n Come Ye: Fostering Intellectual Curiosity n Private vs. Public: The Schooling Debate n Your Nanny Diary n Discipline: How Much Is Enough? n Encourage Free Expression, By George! n Mommy Dearest n Surviving Stepparenting n Grand(parent) Gestures n Would Jackie . . .

10. Jackie Here and Now 255
Style: Clothing and Accessories n Shopping n Stocking the Nest n Ding-Dong: Visiting Places Jackie Called Home n Travel: Jet-Setting Like Jackie n Restaurants n Perfecting the Jackie O Glow n Favorite Workouts n On the Table: Food and Drink of Choice n Cultural Digs n Paging Jackie: The Editorfs Oeuvre n Spiritual Jackie

Acknowledgments 277
Sources 281

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