Treat Me, Not My Age

Treat Me, Not My Age

An Insider’s Survival Manual for Outsmarting the Health-Care System

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  • ISBN 9781101543573
  • 400 Pages
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Aging well frequently involves feeling your way blindly through a complex medical world: dealing with multiple doctors, facing baffling financial decisions, and figuring out whether you or a parent needs care outside the home. What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Getting Older turns the lights on, illuminating potential pitfalls and showing a way around them. This book is an indispensible survival guide, gathering all the information you need to have but that too often doctors just don’t give you. Writing with great experience and good humor, renowned geriatrician Mark Lachs explains how to choose your doctors, stay out of the emergency room, plan financially for retirement, outfit your house to stay safe, and, most important, how to have as many healthy years as possible.
Treat Me, Not My Age

Treat Me, Not My Age

Written by: Mark Lachs, M.D.