When Morning Comes

When Morning Comes


  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101572931
  • InterMix


Lori Austin heats up the South in this Civil War-era romance.

With the Civil War over, Union Major Seth Torrance finds himself returning to Virginia, this time to settle the affairs of an old friend lost in battle. He soon discovers that they include a farm, five children, and a proud young woman who doesn’t take kindly to Northerners on—or even near—her land. Though Ella Fontaine is ready to shoot the carpetbagger on site, she must admit that he’s doing the honorable thing, and he’s not bad looking either—for a Yank. Though Seth had only planned for a short stay before returning to an arranged marriage in Boston, there may be affairs of another kind heating up down south…

Don’t miss Beauty and the Bounty Hunter, the first novel in Lori Austin’s new series Once Upon a Time in the West.

When Morning Comes was previously published under the name Lori Handeland in the anthology Then He Kissed Her.


"Warmhearted."–Romantic Times
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