Wicked Edge

Wicked Edge

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101560952
  • 320 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


USA Today bestselling author Nina Bangs once again tempts readers to enter the Castle of Dark Dreams where private pleasures and devilish fantasies come true, and where the men who breathe life into women’s ultimate desires burn with their own supernatural fire…

After another attempt to enliven the heavenly halls, the angel Passion is sent to Earth to tame her naughty nature—by bringing goodness and light to the sinful Castle of Dark Dreams, the adult fantasy playground. There she finds herself cast in the role of virgin bait to trap a marauding demon. Passion thinks the game is harmless until she sees the man playing the demon. His name is Edge, and Passion senses darkness in him beyond any she’s ever dreamed.

Edge may play a demon, but he is something much worse. His past is littered with pain and destruction, and that’s the way he likes it. Now he must prove to himself and others that he is what he’s always been: cold and emotionless. But as danger threatens and his need for Passion heats up, he finds himself balanced on love’s wicked edge…  
Wicked Edge

Wicked Edge

Written by: Nina Bangs


“Nina Bangs delivers!”—Christine Feehan

“Demons, vamps, angels, and wizards make for one exhilarating ride!”—Fresh Fiction

“Sensuous…erotic romance.”—Publishers Weekly

“Enticing, wicked…A terrific paranormal star-crossed lovers’ thriller.”—Midwest Book Review  


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

A seemingly endless twisty road led to the creation of my March book, Wicked Edge.

Someone recently asked me to describe myself in five words. The usual suspects came to mind: caring, patient, blah, blah, blah. Sigh. So many lies, so little time to tell them. Instead, I chose to admit the truth.

I love to push limits.

Oh, not in my real life. I’m a pathetic rule-follower. I always have been. But when I sit down to write, I become a different person. I morph into the caped defender of all things wacky and you’ve-got-to-be-kidding. But I didn’t start my writing career that way. I’d convinced myself that I was meant to write short contemporary stories with kind gentle heroes who would treasure the heroine and cushion her in pink bubble wrap. I tried that for a while. It didn’t work. As much as I thought I would love that kind of man in real life, on the page he just sort of laid there. In other words, he was deadly dull. With that realization, I began my downward spiral.

I decided to try writing paranormal romances where I could make my heroes bigger, badder, and bolder with some superpowers thrown in. And forget kind and gentle. I wanted wicked heroes who could be redeemed by the love of a good woman. Okay, for a moment there I was possessed by the demon of clichés. I’m back now.

I was thrilled when I discovered vampires. They seemed to be the ultimate bad boys. They soon became my fanged favorites. Thus began my Mackenzie vampire series set at the Woo Woo Inn. Yes, really, the Woo Woo Inn. Deal with it. They were gloriously satisfying heroes.

But without me really noticing it, two other characters inserted themselves into the picture. Wherever they went, Cosmic troublemakers Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede created chaos. Sparkle’s specialty was wreaking sexual havoc, and Ganymede just liked to knock things down. Big things. They were my kind of people.

So when I moved to the Castle of Dark Dreams, an attraction in an adult theme park that allowed visitors to role play their favorite fantasies, Sparkle and Ganymede came with me. Once there, I realized that vampires weren’t the only deliciously dangerous men around. Still, I kept searching for the ultimate hero, the one who was so wicked that our heroine might not be able to redeem him.

I found that hero in Edge. He was the cosmic troublemaker in charge of death. You don’t get more deadly than Death. And he was lugging thousands of years of evil baggage behind him. Our heroine had her own issues. She was a less-than-perfect angel. She thought he was irredeemable. She believed she wouldn’t care. Passion —yes, I know angels aren’t named Passion —got a lot of things wrong. With Sparkle Stardust meddling in an already impossible sensual situation, Passion found she cared very much indeed.

In the end, Edge and Passion had to bridge a chasm almost too wide to see across. An impossible situation? Maybe not. Life and death struggles can bind the most unlikely of people, and love… Well, we know what love can do. It can pull even the most irredeemable hero back from the Wicked Edge.

Happy reading,

Nina Bangs