Wild Angel

Wild Angel

Written by:

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101211458
  • 352 Pages
  • Signet
  • Adult


From the author of In My Wild Dreams, the sixth in Sasha Lord’s touching romance series.

Emotionally scarred by his many years on the battlefield, Mangan, son of the powerful earl of Kirkcaldy, seeks forgiveness by embarking on a religious quest before committing to a life of cloistered celibacy.  But his disturbing attraction to a “dark angel,” an exquisite gypsy woman who has just witnessed the murder of her parents, puts him on a far different path.
Obsessed with a craving for revenge, and hiding a terrible secret, Ashleigh uses her skill for trickery and illusion—taught to her from birth—to torment the people she believes are hiding her parents’ killer.  But her overwhelming attraction to the warrior-monk Mangan wrecks her emotions and upsets all her plans.
As Mangan and Ashleigh join together to uncover what they soon realize is a diabolical plot to unseat the king of Scotland, they also struggle to understand the powerful forces at work between them—a passion that stirs their blood, a desire to heal that mends their souls…and a love that unites their hearts.


“Sasha Lord’s bold characters and their swashbuckling adventures will leave you breathless.”—Sabrina Jeffries

“The most powerful historical voice to emerge in years.”—Virginia Henley

“Sasha Lord’s intensely romantic voice is a gift to the genre.”—New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas