How She Does It

How She Does It

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More women are starting successful businesses than ever before. But what makes women leaders different? And how can others learn to capitalize on their strengths? Through interviews with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, Margaret Heffernan discovered that women are more values-oriented, more flexible, and less ego-driven than their male counterparts; as a result they’re creating company cultures that are better able to meet the demands of the new economy. Heffernan’s stories about real women making really serious profits is a must- read for all entrepreneurs-male or female, whether well established or just starting up-as well as anyone seeking to understand what it takes to do business today.


“Soft skills are getting hard results. [Women on Top] will cause some light bulbs to go off over the collective heads of the corporate world.”
-USA Today

“Heffernan blasts through the fog with her contention that women-owned companies are creating a ‘new norm’ for entrepreneurial business and management success. And she comes armed with hair-raising facts.”
-Business Voice