Women Who Did

Women Who Did

Stories by Men and Women, 1890-1914

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780141441566
  • 528 Pages
  • Penguin Classics
  • Adult


Daring and dynamic, the “new woman” came to represent the very spirit of an age in flux. Featuring work by authors as diverse as Kate Chopin and Oscar Wilde, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Thomas Hardy, this anthology looks at society through the eyes of women as they encountered new choices in marriage, motherhood, work, and love. Charting a rebellion that was social, sexual, and literary, with characters ranging from lady detectives and suffragette rebels to femmes fatales, and covering such subjects as adulterous liaisons, the pleasures of the single life, the possibilities of same-sex relationships, and the joys of shopping, Women Who Did shows women breaking free from convention.

  • First time in Penguin Classics
  • Includes an introduction, chronology of social and literary history, suggestions for further reading, biographies of the authors, notes, and glossary
  • Contains forty stories by American and English men and women, as well as brief pieces on writing by Sarah Grand and Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Women Who Did

Women Who Did

Various, Editor/introduction: Angelique Richardson, Notes by: Angelique Richardson

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