Work Done for Hire

Work Done for Hire

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101637623
  • 304 Pages
  • Ace
  • Adult


Joe Haldeman’s “adept plotting, strong pacing, and sense of grim stoicism have won him wide acclaim” (The Washington Post) and numerous honors for such works as The Forever War, The Accidental Time Machine, and the Marsbound trilogy. Now, the multiple Hugo and Nebula award–winning author pits a lone war veteran against a mysterious enemy who is watching his every move—and threatens him with more than death unless he kills for them.

Wounded in combat and honorably discharged nine years ago, Jack Daley still suffers nightmares from when he served his country as a sniper, racking up sixteen confirmed kills. Now a struggling author, Jack accepts an offer to write a near-future novel about a serial killer, based on a Hollywood script outline. It’s an opportunity to build his writing career, and a future with his girlfriend, Kit Majors.

But Jack’s other talent is also in demand. A package arrives on his doorstep containing a sniper rifle, complete with silencer and ammunition—and the first installment of a $100,000 payment to kill a “bad man.” The twisted offer is genuine. The people behind it are dangerous. They prove that they have Jack under surveillance. He can’t run. He can’t hide. And if he doesn’t take the job, Kit will be in the crosshairs instead.


Praise for Work Done for Hire

“This fast-paced novel will please Haldeman devotees while garnering him new fans among thriller readers.”—Library Journal
“Haldeman’s experience and skill show in his effortless characterization and tense plotting.”—Publishers Weekly
“Haldeman takes you into the broken mind of a man who has seen terrible things that have changed him…It makes for an intriguing character study.”—Fantasy Faction

…and for Joe Haldeman, Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Awards

“If there was a Fort Knox for the science fiction writers who really matter, we’d have to lock Haldeman up there.”—Stephen King
“Haldeman has long been one of our most aware, comprehensive, and necessary writers. He speaks from a place deep within the collective psyche and, more importantly, his own. His mastery is informed with a survivor’s hard-won wisdom.”—Peter Straub
“Haldeman remains a nimble, necessary figure in sci-fi’s pantheon.”Entertainment Weekly
“[Haldeman’s] prose is laconic, compact, seemingly offhand but quite precise…Like the grammar of cinema, it is a mode that looks natural and even easy but requires exacting skill.”—The Washington Post
“One of science fiction’s most reliable practitioners.”—San Francisco Chronicle