You Need to Read This

You Need to Read This

The Death of the Imperative Mode, the Rise of the American Glottal Stop, the Bizarre Popularity of “Amongst,” and Other Cuckoo Things That Have Happened to the English Language

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  • ISBN 9780698157828
  • 85  Pages
  • Riverhead


From a critically acclaimed master of language, a look at the trends, phenomena, and battles on the front lines of modern American English.

In You Need to Read This, language expert Ben Yagoda writes about the cuckoo things we have done to the English language. His witty, insightful, and wise observations and advice are gathered here together for the first time.

From the phenomenon of curate, to the rise of the glottal stop, to the prevalence of starting sentences with so, to the story of an epithet of the moment (douchey), Yagoda chronicles the trends in our language. In the second part of You Need to Read This, he examines the issue of mistakes and “mistakes,” and the battles between prescriptivists, who nitpick grammar, and descriptivists, who defend new expressions and casual usage.  Yagoda is on the front lines of the language wars, and you need to read this book to find out which side you’re on.
You Need to Read This

You Need to Read This

Ben Yagoda

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