Your Teacher Said What?!

Your Teacher Said What?!

Trying to Raise a Fifth Grade Capitalist in Obama’s America

Written by: Joe Kernen
Written by: Blake Kernen

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  • ISBN 9781101515198
  • 256 Pages
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Every morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Joe Kernen asks challenging questions. And at home he does the same with his young daughter, Blake. What are you learning in school? What TV shows do you like? What message did you get from that movie? Your teacher said what?!


 When Blake was nine, her answers told Joe that she had already absorbed a distorted view of economics—from her school, pop culture, and just about everywhere else. She was learning that capitalism is unavoidably immoral . . . that business people can’t be trusted, especially if they run big companies . . . that trade is bad because it hurts American workers . . . and that no matter how bad things get, the government will always bail us out.

Joe was outraged. If he couldn’t fix our education system or Hollywood, at least he could teach Blake how capitalism really works, and why it’s worth defending. Ultimately, Joe convinced Blake that capitalism isn’t about greed; it’s about freedom. In today’s America, there’s no greater lesson to teach your children.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


“CNBC broadcaster Joe Kernen and his young daughter Blake have put together a readable, informative, lively primer on free-market capitalism.” — Steve Forbes

“This book will help renew your faith in free markets, restore the commonsense value of fiscal responsibility, and pass these principles on to future generations of Americans at a time when they are needed most.” — Representative Paul Ryan, (R-Wisc.)

Your Teacher Said What?! is an essential read for any parent who wants to counter the anticapitalism taught to their children and for all who believe in free markets and what makes America great.” — Donald Trump