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Destination Elsewhere (Penguin USA Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Destination Elsewhere (Penguin USA Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Destination Elsewhere is an online community dedicated to talking about the best in Science Fiction and Fantasy, from books to film to TV, from any creator or publisher, past or present (or future). Come one, come all. Learn more >
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Penguin Press
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  Amy talks with David Friend, the Books editor at Vanity Fair, about the new collection of early Vanity Fair: Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers, and Swells. You might also like these postsThis Side of Paradise: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Other Literary GemsFrom the Editor’s Desk: Jake Morrissey, Executive Editor Riverhead Books on Sundance by David FullerParanormal Staff […]


Many people struggle to be creative. We see creative people and their work around us and compare ourselves. We don’t know how to be creative, or worse, we did once, and now we’re feeling blocked, bored or unsure. Tired of this happening to you? Hi. I’m Adam J. Kurtz, and my new journal, 1 Page at […]


WELCOME TO THE ONE AND ONLY New York Comic Con. Walking into the Javitz Center off 11th Avenue, I was not prepared for the plethora of fans bouncing off each other with pure adoration. The aura of Con was beaming with contagious excitement. From the moment I stepped in, I heard “can I take a picture […]


I’m a sucker for trees. Our art department laughs about how many of the picture books I publish feature trees (in a good way!). So when I got the submission for Maple, I was a goner. Here was a book that celebrated a nature-loving, free-spirited little girl whose parents plant a tree in her honor. […]


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Listen to David Friend, Vanity Fair’s Books Editor, discuss Dorothy Parker, P.G. Wodehouse, the Jazz Age, Modernism and... 12 hours ago

Penguin Group (USA)
Halloween is almost here and we are getting ready in the Penguin offices with a few Spooky Reads! Have you read THE PENGUIN... 15 hours ago

Penguin Group (USA)
Entertainment Weekly just released the movie tie-in cover for Inherent Vice and its stunning! Have you read the book... 16 hours ago

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Unfriended author @rachelvailbooks takes you into the mind of a middle schooler with this @HuffPostParents essay:... 12 hours ago

Congrats #YAThursday winners of ATLANTIA by @allycondie: @Allie_BoomBoom @Bodinesteph @aanjellyca @PatriciaAWoods... 13 hours ago

RT @staceyballis: Big Delicious Life: Stacey Ballis's Most Awesome Recipes by Stacey Ballis @Amazon Out today!... 13 hours ago

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TRUE LOVE by  +Jennifer Lopez  is on sale 11/4: 

This is the story of how I discovered the truest... 20 hours ago

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What is inspiring you? 6 days ago

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Actress +Reese Witherspoon reccommends PENNYROYAL ACADEMY by M.A. Larson "I bid moms and little... 1 week ago