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Jeremy P. Tarcher founded the company (now an imprint) that bears his name more than forty years ago in Los Angeles, CA. Its focus was health, psychology and philosophy, with a strong emphasis on the Human Potential movement. Over the years, however, the company expanded to include serious nonfiction books of many types—all of which fit within the imprint’s “Great Lives Begin with Great Ideas” philosophy.  Early best-sellers included Drawing on the Right Side of the BrainSeven Years in TibetThe Aquarian ConspiracySinus Survival, and Women Who Love Too Much, just to name a few.

Putnam purchased the company in 1991, and the offices were moved to New York. Mr. Tarcher remained head of the company until early 1996. Joel Fotinos was named Publisher later that year.

Tarcher is one of the premier Mind/Body/Spirit publishers and publishes some sixty titles annually on a broad spectrum of topics. Tarcher’s core publishing areas include Tarcher Mind (encompassing self-improvement books like The Power of Kindness, Ultramarathon Man and Attached); Tarcher Spirit (The Science of Mind, Buddha’s Book of Sleep, etc.); Tarcher Creativity (i.e., such as the perennial bestseller The Artist’s Way), Tarcher Wellness (including health and wellness books like Energy Medicine, the New York Times bestseller Transcendence, and Main Street Vegan); and Tarcher Family (including the New York Times bestseller Brainstorm and If I Have to Tell You One More Time).

In addition to being the leading publisher of Napoleon Hill books, including Think & Grow Rich and other titles authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Tarcher publishes a number of successful series, including the Tarcher Success Classics (with authors such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, Dale Carnegie and James Allen), Tarcher Cornerstone Editions (including Tao te ChingThe Spiritual EmersonThe Essential Marcus Aurelius, and The Kybalion), and the Ernest Holmes Library. We continue to publish many of today’s leading authors in the Mind/Body/Spirit realm, including Julia Cameron, Donna Eden, Betty Edwards, Piero Ferrucci, David Lynch, Paul Selig, Jackson Galaxy, and Daniel Siegel.

Meet Tarcher

Joel Fotinos

Joel Fotinos

Vice President, Publisher

Joel Fotinos was named Publisher of the Tarcher/Penguin imprint in 1996, Director of Religious Publishing for Penguin Putnam in 1998, and founded the Putnam Praise Publishing Program in 2006. He was previously marketing manager at Harper San Francisco, and before that was the religion and philosophy buyer for Denver’s famed Tattered Cover bookstore, and founder of its popular spirituality series. Mr. Fotinos also has been buyer and manager at other independent and chain bookstores. He has written several books, and co-founded Sacred Center New York.

New Releases

Caryl Rivers
Rosalind C. Barnett
Ernest Kurtz
Katherine Ketcham


Jamie Tworkowski
Barbara Oakley
Jackson Galaxy
Kate Benjamin
Donna Eden
David Feinstein

Coming Soon

Sheila McCauley Keys
Eddie B. Allen Jr.
Whitley Strieber
Jeffrey J. Kripal
Gregg Levoy
Mark Mincolla Ph.D.

Award Winners

Jay Griffiths
Allan J. Hamilton M.D., FACS
Mark Bauerlein
Donna Eden
David Feinstein

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