Garrison Keillor, New York Times-bestselling author and beloved host of NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion, is in the midst of a national tour including 33 events in promotion of the recently released The Keillor Reader. So far, the events have been fantastic, drawing 700 people in Iowa City, with 350 books sold, and 350 people in Milwaukee, with 340 books sold. At last week’s event at Joseph Beth in Cincinnati, the store’s café came up with a truly inspired Keillor menu featuring such dishes as “Minnesota Wild Rice Soup,” and “Fruit of the Forest Pie.” In addition, Garrison was featured on CBS This Morning on May 2 in a clip that can be viewed here and was also featured in large piece in the Associated Press recently. A Prairie Home Companion will celebrate its 40th Anniversary this July 4. Read an excerpt from The Keillor Reader