Michael Hastings’ debut, posthumous novel, The Last Magazine, has continued to impress readers on a national scale. David Carr discussed the book in his New York Times column, writing, “Even from the grave Mr. Hastings has demonstrated anew an ability to reframe the debate…[The novel] reads as vivid archaeology that reveals much about the present moment…I have no idea why his car ended up smashed into a palm tree in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of June 18 a year ago. I just know he left something remarkable behind.” Rolling Stone called it a “frenetic and darkly funny roman à clef” in a feature story about the book (online now; July 3 print issue).  Entertainment Weekly’s rated it a B+ and said “certainly readers can enjoy the result as an out-and-out satire. But those familiar with the magazine biz will recognize the authentic whiff of life between the covers.” Gawker published their take on characters from the book, and the June 20th edition of Shelf Awareness included a review: “A terrifyingly funny look at the weekly print-magazine world…Hastings manages to create enough intrigue to make an entrancing, compelling narrative.…For a society obsessed with its ‘right to know,’ The Last Magazine offers the news deliciously unfiltered.”  Plus, Bette Midler shared with The Wall Street Journal that The Last Magazine is on her reading list, and The Barnes and Noble Review included the novel on its Long List, calling it “scathing, funny, rollicking.” Harper’s Magazine ran a review and posted a feature on Michael Hastings’ reporting. Elise Jordan, Michael’s wife, discussed The Last Magazine on MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt” last Saturday. She is scheduled to appear on Fox News Channel’s Hannity tonight. C-SPAN’s Book TV coverage of last week’s Barnes & Noble tribute event will air on July 5-6.