The Runner's Training Diary

The Runner’s Training Diary

For Fitness Runners and Competitive Racers

  • ISBN 9780143037873
  • 224 Pages
  • 10 Aug 2006
  • Penguin Books


Now in a completely revised second edition, with more essential charts and training schedules than any other runner’s diary

Developed by the universally respected coaching duo that produced the bestselling Runner’s Handbook and Competitive Runner’s Handbook, this must-have guide has been a runners’ favorite for years. Now completely revised, it combines an attractive week-by-week diary with lots of room for notes, plus all the helpful information runners need at their fingertips: expanded and updated pacing charts with minutes per mile and per kilometer; revised training schedules for beginners, competitors, and all levels of marathoners; useful charts on fuel and hydration; treadmill, heart-rate, and cross-training tables; and much more. Designed by the authors as their “dream” diary, this is the diary that a runner will buy every year to track their running regimen.
The Runner's Training Diary

The Runner’s Training Diary

Written by: Bob Glover, Written by: Shelly-lynn Florence Glover