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Editor Scott Moyers introduces When The Facts Change

When the Facts Change

Tony Judt's wife, Jennifer Homans, has assembled a collection of her husband's most impactful impactful writing into one wonderful book. 

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The list of great historians who are also important moral voices in the culture, bona fide public intellectuals, is not long. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. is one classic example. So is Tony Judt. It was a great honor to edit and publish Tony, and a terrible loss when he died before his time. He left behind, not just a series of important works of history and memoir, but a magnificent range of essays that had not yet been gathered into book from, the heart of which appeared in the New York Review of Books, to famous effect. Tony’s widow, Jennifer Homans, has lovingly and with great care selected a marvelous core set of his writings that reflect the range of his concerns, the writings of enduring value and interest.


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