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Secrets can pull you under... Start reading INTO THE WATER now: 20 hours ago

Riverhead Books
Ever wondered why people love to argue without knowing all the facts? Steven Sloman has some insight. 1 day ago

Riverhead Books
We're counting down to INTO THE WATER by Paula Hawkins on May 2! Add it to your TBR list now: 2 days ago

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We can't wait for you to get a peek inside the brilliant brain of @TriciaLockwood when her memoir PRIESTDADDY hits…... 20 hours ago

Behold: the result when two rad ladies talk for @latimes! @TriciaLockwood @katekilla 22 hours ago

.@PaulaHWrites' INTO THE WATER "beams with a maturity in writing & storytelling" in @StarTribune! 1 day ago


Louisa Farrar's Staff Picks

Louisa is a publicist at Avery Books. From the selection below you would think she only reads about badass women written by badass women. She doesn’t. But it’s a nice coincidence.

Katherine Perkins Staff Picks

Katherine Perkins is an Assistant Editor at Putnam Books for Young Readers. With parents in engineering and medicine and four siblings, Katherine is (so far) the only one in her family to choose a career in the arts over the sciences. She’s also the only one of them in multiple book clubs (these two facts are probably related).

Sarah Blumenstock's Staff Picks

Sarah Blumenstock is a Subsidiary Rights Assistant for Penguin Young Readers. A native New Yorker, she loves singing annoying commercial jingles, running circles around Prospect Park, and quoting Mel Brooks at inappropriate times.

Hope Ellis' Staff Picks

Hope Ellis is a Managing Editorial Assistant with Berkley. In addition to telling not-super-funny jokes, Hope can usually be found reading books with strong female heroines, watching bad TV, and painting random animal portraits (ask her about the pigeon, if you dare).

Joanna Ng's Staff Picks

Joanna Ng is an associate editor at Tarcher. Originally from North Carolina, she has lived in Astoria, Queens for the last six years. She likes to satiate her curiosity by reading lots of books and exploring new places. One of the things she most appreciates about New York City is that there are an endless number of things (food, culture, theater, museums, neighborhoods) to explore.

Ryan Babineaux
John Krumboltz

Amy Brinker's Staff Picks

Amy Brinker is the senior coordinator for the consumer engagement group at Penguin Random House. She lives in Brooklyn where she makes pie and puns. She loves classic novels and terrible movies.

Elena Ferrante

Melanie Tortoroli's Staff Picks

Melanie Tortoroli is an editor with Viking specializing in nonfiction. She loves plantain chips, the color grey, and giving her opinions about what you should be reading.