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Tim Dowling introduces his hilarious memoir, How to Be a Husband

How to be a Husband

Get an inside look at Tim Dowling's life as a husband and father - he might not have all the answers, but the mistakes, joys, and surprises make for a very funny and heartfelt read. 

Dear Reader,

I should warn you from the outset that this is not a self-help book. The kind of people who read self-helps books would not, I imagine, wish to be more like me. You will also note that the book is pointedly not called How to Be a Good Husband. The ‘Good’ was the first thing to go.

This all came about because some years ago I was asked to wrote a book called How to Be a Man. I’m sorry, I said, but I don’t know anything about that. ‘Husband’ is different; I am definitely a husband. I have all the paperwork.


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