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Editor Joanna Ng introduces WHAT THE FORK ARE YOU EATING

What the Fork Are You Eating?

Certified chef and nutritionist Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN's book is a clear, accessible guide to the tangled and fraught wold of confusing food labels, additives and preservatives. With this handbook, Sacks gives us a practical way to take charge of what we eat. 

Dear Reader,

I have to confess that I’m not always the healthiest eater. I have a weakness for things like French fries and ice cream. I do try to limit my indulgences and eat better, but it can be easy to shut down when everyone has contradictory opinions about what constitutes a healthy diet.

Stefanie has been there and done that in terms of trying various fad diets, but she has emerged as a true moderationist. Now moderation is something I can get on board with. What the Fork Are You Eating? is Stefanie’s action plan for what to eat and what to avoid, and she’s done all the research for us in terms of navigating our convoluted food system. 

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What the Fork Are You Eating?
Stefanie Sacks MS, CNS, CDN