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Lauren Marino, VP and Editorial Director of Gotham Books, introduces Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away is a true story of loss and illness, and the woman who refused to be destroyed by her circumstances. This inspiring memoir offers hope, guidance and a sense of gratitude and appreciation of life

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When Rebecca Alexander was 12 she received her first diagnosis and was told that she was slowing losing her sight and would eventually be blind. In college she learned that she suffered from Usher Syndrome III, a rare disorder, which meant she was not only losing her sight but her hearing as well. She would be completely blind and deaf by the time she was 30. Not Fade Away interweaves the story of her early and present life, and takes us through her diagnosis and the physical and emotional process of losing both her sight and hearing. Despite the frightening diagnosis and the constant adjusting to her ever changing needs this is an optimistic and inspiring story. She is soaking up as much as she can before its gone, spending time looking at the faces of her friends and family, listening to their voices and laughter, listening to music or the sound of the rain or the sight of the stars.

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