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Editor Mitch Horowitz introduces STRONGER FASTER SMARTER

Stronger, Faster, Smarter

Ryan Ferguson was falsely imprisoned at the age of nineteen, but spent the next several years working to improve himself behind bars. He learned the importance of physical wellbeing and confidence and shares his inspiring story in this book.  

Dear Reader,

Imagine your worst nightmare come to life. One day you are driving home from work or school and notice that you’re being followed by two deadly serious looking men in an SUV. The moment you park they jump out and announce that you’re under arrest. In a surreal scenario of events you find yourself sentenced to forty years in prison for a murder in which you had no involvement whatsoever.

This nightmare really happened to Ryan Ferguson, an innocent collegian who spent nearly a decade behind bars for the death of a man he’d never met much less harmed. Faced with the crushing reality of life in prison, Ryan did not panic. He determined to survive and excel – to grow STRONGER, FASTER, and SMARTER.

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