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Get an inside look at Fallen Land from the author, Patrick Flanery

Fallen Land

Patrick Flanery delivers a chilling novel that clamps onto modern fears and ancient forces. When Julia and Nathaniel move into a shiny new house, they are unaware of the dark history lurking beneath their land. 

The image of a person unwilling to abandon a home, in which lingers the memory of family now lost, has been with me since I was child. In the early 1960s, following the death of her husband, my paternal grandmother went bankrupt and lost her house. Understandably, she did not want to leave; after moving she returned in secret and had to be forced out, a second time. During America’s recent foreclosure crisis, with families across the country losing houses that were not just homes but repositories of memory, the specter of my late grandmother returned in force. Like her, many resisted or refused to give up. That such trauma has transpired against the backdrop of what seems like an ever-widening ideological divide in the country makes the tragedy of the situation even more acute.

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