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Get an inside look at Phantom Instinct from author, Meg Gardiner

Phantom Instinct

This gripping novel follows an unlikely partnership trying to track down a murderer whose crimes have gone unpunished. Aiden and Harper work together against all odds, trying to prove that their man is still out there. 

In Phantom Instinct, two wounded warriors must work together to catch a killer. A killer who wants them dead, and who will cut down innocent bystanders to get to them.

The problem: nobody else believes he exists.

Harper Flynn survived a shootout at the club where she was a bartender, but couldn’t save her boyfriend. L.A. Sheriff’s detective Aiden Garrison was severely injured trying to stop the attack. A year later, Harper and Aiden are trying to rebuild their lives. But both of them are certain that the shooter who led the attack got away. The cops have closed the case. But Harper and Aiden are convinced that a killer escaped, and that he will kill again.

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