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Debut Author, Paula Hawkins, introduces her thriller, The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

When Rachel notices something shocking during her commute, she is rattled. Soon she becomes involved further than she could have predicted and is swept into events she cannot control. 

Dear Reader,

We’re all voyeurs. Commuters are the same the world over: we sit on our trains every morning and every evening, reading the paper or listening to music, we gaze idly out of the window at the same streets, the same houses, and every now and again we catch a glimpse into the life of a stranger. And we crane our necks to try to get a better look.

I grew up in suburban Harare, in southern Africa, a place where commuting is done by car. People like me—white and affluent—lived in houses set back behind walls and gates and gardens; our lives hidden from passersby. So when I moved to London, at age seventeen, this sort of big-city commute, this cheek-by-jowl living, was utterly new to me, and I found it fascinating.

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