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Get an inside look at The Golem of Hollywood from one of the authors, Jonathan Kellerman

The Golem of Hollywood

The Golem of Hollywood is a thrilling collaboration from Jonathan Kellerman and his son, Jesse Kellerman. Together, they created a page-turning novel including mysterious legends, a grisly crime and an expansive investigation.

Dear Reader,

I’ve been asked what it was like to write The Golem of Hollywood with Jesse. Unlike other novelists, I’ve avoided farming my books out to ghost writers, so any collaboration would have to be genuine. And frankly, I’d never have written with Jesse – not that he ever asked – if he hadn’t already built his own impressive reputation as a novelist: 5 books published by the age of 35, Edgar nominee, international bestseller. Even so, venturing into virgin territory is always a risk and though the idea to co-write originated with me, I wondered how it would turn out. In a word: great. Working with a topnotch, mature and reliable novelist, half of whose chromosomes come from me, was a pleasure.

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