Read an exclusive letter from Jacqueline Carey, author of Poison Fruit

Poison Fruit

Jacqueline Carey introduces the last installment of her trilogy, describes the inspiration behind the town of Pemkowet, and hints at Daisy's final confrontation. 

Dear Reader,

It seems a bit silly to talk about serious themes in a book that features frost giants driving dune buggies, foul-mouthed fairies and a beer-swilling bogle—and yet, there is one.  One of the delights of paranormal fantasy is that it allows us to view the familiar through the lens of the fantastic.  The town of Pemkowet, where the Agent of Hel series is set, is based on my hometown of Saugatuck.  We really do have miles of Lake Michigan coast and acres of spectacular dunelands threatened by development, just like Hel’s demesne is threatened by… well, you’ll find out. 

The idea that preserving the few wild places left in the world is essential to preserving the existence of magic is central to Poison Fruit; but it’s something I believe, too.  There’s a sense of wondrous suspense in not knowing what lies around the next bend, whether it’s a shy dryad or a doe with her fawns.  

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