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Silver Shadows

Even editors sometimes feel intimidated by big authors and enthusiastic fandoms! Jessica Almon writes about how she came to be Richelle Mead's editor and fell in love with the Bloodlines Series.

Dear Reader,
I first came to Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series just before the publication of the third book, The Indigo Spell. I was starting a new job at Razorbill replacing Richelle’s incredibly thoughtful and talented editor Jocelyn Davies. I was nervous. Not only did I have big shoes to fill, Richelle is a Pro with a capital “P”, an international #1 bestseller, and her readers define fandom. They’re Superfans (capital “S”) with an encyclopedic knowledge of these books, which track the exquisite and excruciatingly slow-burning attraction between Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov (known to readers simply as Sydrian).

I tore through Bloodlines, The Golden Lily and The Indigo Spell, utterly absorbed and transfixed by Richelle’s rich world building and the emotional complexity of the story. Terrified of disappointing Richelle and especially her loyal fans, I thought, I’m in over my head! This is too much! Too GOOD! But then I realized: At some point over the course of those three books, I became one of her fans too. And as long as I edit the rest of the series with the vigilance and attention and love any one of her readers would give it, everything would be okay.

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