Read an exclusive letter from Yasmine Galenorn about her new book, Night's End

Night's End

The beloved Indigo Court Series returns with a new installment that follows Fae Queens, Cicely and Rhiannon, as they battle against the powerful Myst. Read about the striking dream that inspired the series!

The Indigo Court Series was born from a dream that I had. Now, bear in mind, I have very vivid dreams, in color, a lot of nightmares, and a lot of fantastical visions come out of those dreams. Most stick around for awhile, but then I forget them. But some…some stay with me.

In the dream that spawned Cicely Waters’s world, I found myself staring at a painting. The painting was so real I felt I could reach out and walk into it. The canvas was painted in shades of gold and white, oddly enough.

The painting showed a snowy forest, filled with mythological and magical beings. A woman was walking along the path and I knew her name was Cicely. I also knew—in that odd way dreams have of filling in information—that Cicely was on a quest, looking for her aunt.

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