Author Madeline Hunter Shares the Thrill of Starting a New Series

His Wicked Reputation

Faith Corcoran is joined by FBI Special Agent Deacon Novak to solve the case of two missing girls. Soon they find themselves falling in love, but Faith's past and the investigation start to become more complicated. 

Dear Readers,

Starting a new series is always an exciting time for a writer. When I have that opportunity, it energizes me. I love the freshness of building a new world and exploring new characters. I also get to decide what I want to do differently, to mix things up a bit.

With the Wicked series, I chose to make it “hero-centric” instead of using the heroines as the hub that connects the books. I have been enjoying writing the camaraderie of the gentlemen in my series for some time now, so why not make those relationships the deliberate focus?

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