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Fast Track

Garwood's newest book is a sweeping novel about family, secrets, identity and love. Cordelia Kane sets out to uncover the truth about her family after her beloved father dies. Can she get the answers she's been searching for? 

1. You’ve written more than two dozen novels, almost all of which have gone on to become New York Times bestsellers. It’s clear that your inspiration is boundless – but how do you determine from book to book which story to tackle next?

JG: I usually have a dozen story ideas running through my head at any given time, but eventually there will be one that fights its way to the front—the one that I can’t stop thinking about. In the case of FAST TRACK, I had already introduced the main characters, Aiden and Cordie, in a couple of other books. It was inevitable that these two would get together. I just didn’t know how. I actually thought about them for several years, and then their story just came to me. Generally my books begin with one scene. I see it playing out, and then I begin to ask questions about who is in the scene and what happens next. From there the story unfolds. 

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