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Read an exclusive note from Keri Arthur on ending the Dark Angels series

Darkness Falls

Keri Arthur's Dark Angels series comes to a thrilling conclusion with Darkness Falls. Risa Jones is faced with a devastating ultimatum in this novel, and the fate of the world and all mankind is in her hands. 

Dear reader,

And so, with Darkness Falls, we come to the end of the Dark Angels series. Readers often ask if I’m sad to say goodbye to my characters, and my usual reply is, hell no!

Which doesn’t mean I’m tired of writing about these characters. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I love them all–especially the ones that were never meant to be main characters, like a certain snarky, opinionated sword. If ever there was a character that took control of every scene she was in, it was Amaya! But while I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this world, I have many other worlds and characters crowding my brain, and I need to give them some page space!

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