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Deborah Harkness introduces The Book of Life - the last book of the All Souls Trilogy

The Book of Life

Learn how Deborah Harkness, a professor and historian, blends science and magic into her fiction. Find out more about the history behind the All Souls Trilogy. 

Dear Readers:

It’s a wonderful moment to bring the All Souls Trilogy to its finale with The Book of Life. It all began with A Discovery of Witches, and in the third volume you, too, will find out what the witches discovered all those centuries ago.

Many people ask me why a professor would turn to fiction. I’m not sure I can answer that question—it’s still a mysterious process for me!—but I can tell you that in many ways the All Souls Trilogy is an extension of the work I do in the classroom. I’m a scholar of magic and science between 1400 and 1700, so I’ve spent the best part of thirty years trying to figure out the relationship between the two and how a belief that witches were your next door neighbors could exist at the same time that Galileo was peering through his telescope and Newton was developing calculus.

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