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Tower Lord

Ryan discusses the challenges of writing a sequel, the importance of character point of view, and world-building and destroying. Read more about the writing and conception of Tower Lord. 

War, it’s sometimes said, brings out the best and the worst in humanity, a concept often borne out by study of history. Of course, the depiction of war is nothing new in fantasy, especially epic fantasy where the notion of the titanic, world-in-peril struggle is often given free reign. But some aspects of war are not always explored to great any depth in fantasy. What happens to all the wounded? If the whole kingdom’s at war how do people eat? There are usually land battles aplenty but what about war at sea, a phenomenon that goes back several thousand years in our own world?

However, it was the testing nature of war that really interested me, the concept of a society suffering the worst trials and being forged into something new in the process, something Vaelin Al Sorna perhaps might find worth risking his life for, yet again.

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