Who Was…?
A series of illustrated biographies for young readers featuring significant historical figures, including artists, scientists, and world leaders.
Who Was Alfred Hitchcock?

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Meg Belviso
Pamela D. Pollack
Known as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s unique vision in movies like Psycho and The Birds sent shivers down our spines and shockwaves through the film industry. His innovative camera techniques have been studied for decades and his gift for…
Who Is (Your Name Here)?
Paula K Manzanero
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
Who Is Malala Yousafzai?
Dinah Brown
Illustrator: Andrew Thomson
Who Is Richard Branson?
Michael Burgan
Illustrator: Ted Hammond
Who Was Jesse Owens?
James Buckley Jr.
Illustrator: Gregory Copeland
Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?
Jim Gigliotti
Illustrator: Tim Foley
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
Who Were the Brothers Grimm?
Avery Reed
Illustrator: John O'Brien
Who Was J. R. R. Tolkien?
Pamela D. Pollack
Meg Belviso
Illustrator: Jonathan Moore
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
Who Was Beatrix Potter?
Sarah Fabiny
Illustrator: Mike Lacey
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison