College Faculty Information Service – Praise

“Terrific! Prompt! Penguin is a trendsetter in service to the academic community.”
 David Dougherty, Department of English, Loyola College, MD
“What a pleasure to work with such a professional organization. This is the sort of customer service I tell my students still does exist.”

 Peter A. Maresco, College of Business, Sacred Heart University, CT
“In my 32 years of teaching, I have found that Penguin Putnam books offer extraordinary value at minimal cost. From Robert Fagles’ translations of The Oresteia and Oedipus to short story collections such as Points of View, the quality of content engages student interest and stimulates classroom discussion. Indeed, Penguin Putnam may offer the best value available in textbooks today.”
 Arlene Okerlund, Departmentof English, San José State University, CA

“The College Faculty Information Service is unique in my experience, and it’s like night and day compared to the other publishers I’ve dealt with. Things that particularly strike me as good ideas are: online desk copy ordering, help from the publisher’s end in selecting books, and five free exam copies. I love Penguin Putnam. Thanks for making the life of one harried professor much, much easier.”
 Brooke Harrington, Department of Sociology, Brown University, RI

“[Penguin Putnam] provides an invaluable service for college instructors. Those of us who teach composition particularly are indebted to you, since we are the stepchildren of the Academy and can rarely get the books we need for our curricula. Without Penguin Putnam, for instance, I could not have designed our department’s new concentration in professional and technical writing. You have my deepest appreciation.”
 Anthony Di Renzo, Department of English, Ithaca College, NY

“Perhaps of interest to you, all of these texts were carried in Bantam editions, but I chose the Signet because of the faculty service program Penguin Putnam provides. I truly enjoy and appreciate the CFIS; it is such an easy, responsive and time-saving way to do business.”
 Randall Cluff, Department of English, Southern Virginia College
“I’ve always used a lot of Penguins  including Twentieth-Century Classics texts of D. H. Lawrence in the Lawrence-Woolf seminar that I teach. The fact that you guys make review copies so easy is definitely a reason to go the Penguin route.”
 Keith Cushman, Department of English, University of North Carolina

“The CFIS creates a personal touch that we don’t have with other publishers. I find it very helpful.”
 George Oliver, Department of History, Randolph-Macon College, VA
“I love using your service. Penguin offers significant readings that are readable and a pleasure to work with at affordable prices.”
 Robert Schell, Department of Psychology, State University of New York at Oswego

“Penguin Putnam is a great company to work with! You are always so helpful and respond back to emails – unlike many others!!! Your books arrive in a timely manner! Our faculty (and me) thank you!!!”
Chris d’Amico, Project Renaissance, University at Albany, NY

“Wow! That’s incredibly fast work. Thanks so much. I’m co-editing a book with 29 contributors right now and going crazy… thanks for the tips on specific titles. Teaching mostly living writers from different ethnic American cultures is more than a full-time job!”
 Bonnie TuSmith Department of English, Northeastern University, MA

“I’m awestruck with this amazingly quick service  you are, indeed, fabulous”
 Michael S. Holko, Department of English, SUNY Stony Brook, NY

“Thank you so much for the prompt response and delivery of the various books. You are a lifesaver! It has been a pleasure to work with you”
 Travis J. Wechsler, Department of Education, University of South Carolina

“I’ve just received my requested desk copy of High Fidelity  getting brand new books in my mailbox is one of my favorite little perks of this job. Of all the publishers I deal with, Penguin is consistently the most speedy and reliable.”
 Nicola Pitchford, Department of English, Fordham University, NY

“It would be difficult to exaggerate the value of the Penguin Putnam’s College Faculty Information Service. Amidst the vast tangle of unreliable book information on the web, CFIS provides the overworked academic with timely, accurate information that ensures the success of courses and research projects alike. Their willingness to stay in close touch with college professors is a blessed relief from the utter indifference displayed by other academic publishers.”
 Ziad Elmarsafy, Department of French, New York University
“Penguin Putnam is prompt and helpful as usual. I like selecting books under your imprint because you are so wonderful to deal with.”
 Harriet Buchanan, Interdisciplinary Studies Department, Appalachian State University, NC

“Our department’s Professional and Technical Writing faculty wish to thank Penguin Group USA for contributing to the development of our curriculum…Your materials, input, and guidance allowed us not only to design and sequence seven new classes but to shape actual course content itself… If this curriculum has generated campus-wide excitement, it is partly because both students and teachers were eager to use the Penguin texts that we have adopted. Thanks to my efforts in developing these courses, I received this year’s Excellence in Teaching Award from Ithaca College. At the award ceremony, when the Provost asked me how I manage to make my classes so dramatic and engaging, I promptly replied: ‘Because I use Penguin paperbacks!'”
Dr. Anthony Di Renzo, Department of Professional

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