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Jim Dassise

Jim Dassise


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Spring 2016 Campus and Convention Schedule


2-5 Allied Social Conference, San Francisco, CA
6-9 AIA Conference, San Francisco, CA
19-21 University of Oregon
25-28 UC Santa Barbara
1-3 Seattle University/Seattle Pacific
8-10 Sonoma State
16-18 Portland State University
22-25 USC
1-3 Reed College
7-10 Arizona State
14-16 Oregon State
30-31 Asian Studies Conference, Seattle, WA
1-3 Asian Studies Conference, Seattle, WA
11-13 Evergreen College
18-21 Colorado State/UC Boulder
26-28 Portland CC
2-4 UC Santa Cruz
10-11 Lewis & Clark
16-18 University of Washington
26-29 Alita Conference, San Francisco, CA


After visiting numerous Universities and Colleges for a number of years, I’ve put together a list of campus and college town activities that may give you a sense of what I encounter on a daily basis. You may not agree with me and I’ll no doubt change my views as I keep visiting campuses but you’ll have an idea of what to expect if you visit these campuses:

  1. Favorite Campuses: Stanford University and Oregon State. Stanford has so much to offer for students and the community plus it’s a great campus to walk through. Oregon State’s open spaces and slower pace make it a good campus to relax between appointments.
  2. Universities that I haven’t visited but would like to soon: University of Alaska, University of Montana, University of Nebraska and the Dakotas. Keep the light on.
  3. Worst Parking: US Davis and San Francisco State. Davis has student valet parking, which shows how hard the situation really is. As for SF State, if you can’t make it by 10 am you might as well go home and try your luck at Nordstrom’s but you risk being towed or ticketed.
  4. Friendliest Departments: University of Hawaii—English, University of Washington—Slavic Studies. Truly the Aloha spirit in Hawaii. No request is too large in Slavic Studies.
  5. Best Food: University of Hawaii. Home cooked fresh dishes with Island and Portuguese influences.
  6. Best Coffee/Chai: University of Colorado at Boulder. Could be due to the Tibetan influences in town.
  7. Prettiest Drive to Campus: UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz. A Fantastic scenic coastal drive to Santa Barbara along Highway 1 and through campus. The redwoods make the drive up to Santa Cruz one of the best and wait until you reach the top.
  8. Remotest University: Western Oregon University and Western Washington University. Take a wrong turn on the way to Western Oregon and good luck finding your way. Signs are few and far between. Pass the exit for Western Washington and your next stop is Canada.
  9. Favorite Gallery/Museum: Stanford University and Pepperdine University. Haven’t had a chance to visit many campus galleries but Stanford always has interesting shows while Pepperdine seems to have adventurous shows and a spacious gallery.
  10. Favorite Campus Bookstore: USC and Humboldt State University. Too many bookstores for me to name here but USC has an excellent selection of film books, one of my interests, and a huge wall of Penguin titles as you enter. Humboldt is an intimate store to browse with a large selection and the feel of an independent store.
  11. Best Campus Athletic Facilities Open to Sales Reps: Arizona State and University of Minnesota. Helps me keep in shape after talking books all day.
  12. Most Unusual Lunch Time Activity: Sorority mud volleyball at University of Iowa. The rain made for a sloppy game.
  13. Friendliest Students: University of Iowa. Lots of hello’s in the halls and patient with directions.
  14. Best Department Refreshments: Slavic Studies at the University of Washington. Home made, I believe and a good pick me up between appointments.
  15. Most Sensitive Fire Alarms: UC Berkeley. Three visits, three alarms and no, I didn’t set them off.
  16. Easiest Buildings to Get Lost In: Dwinelle Hall at UC Berkeley and Padelford Hall at University of Washington. If you are a student hoping to convince your professor to change your grade and you have 5 minutes left before they go home for the summer, these are not the buildings you want to be in. Such labyrinths.
  17. Most Popular Ethnic Cuisine: Indian.
  18. Best Campus/Town To See a Shakespearean Play: Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
  19. Airport Security with Too Much Time on Their Hands: Eugene, Oregon home of the University of Oregon. I always get searched or partially stripped here especially if no one else is in line.


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Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada


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