Advanced Publication Newsletter (APN)

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January 2013

Dear Librarian:

Welcome to the Winter 2014 edition of PENGUIN GROUP (USA)’s Advance Publication Newsletter. This newsletter includes late-breaking reviews, news of award-winners, up-to-date price information, and book descriptions for January through April titles. We hope you will take some time to review the new books included here.

As usual, the newsletter is divided into subject categories in order to route each section to your appropriate acquisitions and collection development specialists.

Some highlights:
  • Sue Monk Kidd, bestselling memoirist and author of The Secret Life of Bees, returns with The Invention of Wings, a triumph of storytelling that takes us into the heart of the abolition and women’s rights movements (see Fiction). Make sure to also check out Harlan Coben’s latest, Missing You (see Mysteries/Thrillers), and don’t miss Cemetery Girl, the first book in a new graphic series from Sookie Stackhouse creator Charlaine Harris (see Science Fiction/Fantasy).
  • The American gothic and the domestic nightmare are revived with Penguin Classics’ editions of two of Shirley Jackson’s most disquieting tales, The Bird’s Nest and The Sundial (see Literature).
  • Historian Joshua Zeitz takes a timely and intimate look into Abraham Lincoln’s White House through the lives of his two closest aides and confidants in Lincoln’s Boys (see History & Biography). Don’t forget to visit our Memoir page!
  • Tiger mom Amy Chua shares the spotlight with her husband Jeb Rubenfeld in The Triple Package, an exploration of how and why certain numerically small communities achieve remarkable group success (see Current Events & Politics).
  • Anesthesiologist, intensive care expert, and NASA adviser Kevin Fong explores how physical extremes push human limits and spawn incredible medical breakthroughs in Extreme Medicine (see Science, Education, & Reference).
  • In Thanks for the Feedback, Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, coauthors of the classic Difficult Conversations, teach effective response to criticism (see Psychology, Spirituality, & Health).
  • For readers of Give and Take and Drive comes The Up Side of Down, a provocative, counter-intuitive book on what makes people and companies succeed, by business blogger and journalist Megan McArdle (see Business & Management).
  • Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Insane City, tackles everything from family trips to bat mitzvahs and dating in his hilarious guide to parenting, You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty (see Performing Arts & Popular Culture).

Download the complete catalog here.

Please enjoy our newsletter and order through your regular supplier or via the direct order form enclosed. In addition, you may peruse the newsletter online, and sign up for an email alert each time it goes live on our library site, www.penguin.com/library.


Alan S. Walker

Vice-President, Academic & Library Sales

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