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Africian-American Fiction and Nonfiction
The latest on fiction stars like Eric Jerome Dickey and Terry McMillan, as well as leading nonfiction voices like Randall Robinson, T.D. Jakes, and more...
Audio Books
The latest bestselling and literary audio titles from Penguin and Putnam Berkley Audio. Titles available on Cassette, CD, or for downloading.
All things business and financial: debt management; negotiating, investing, economic theory, leadership principles, and more. Featuring such authors as Spencer Johnson, Suze Orman, Michael Lewis, and even John Maynard Keynes (for extra credit).
Contemporary Women's Fiction
Also known as "chick-lit," this newsletter brings you up to date on the titles like Bridget Jones's Diary, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, and Girl with a Pearl Earring as well as the great reads everyone will soon be talking about.
Contest Notification
From time-to-time we run contests on our sites. Past prizes have included signed books, Palm Pilots, and vacation packages. Register for this newsletter to learn about future contests.
Film and Television
Books made into movies, movies made into books, books about movies, the inside story of your favorite TV shows. This is the newsletter for the multimedia fan.
Penguin Group (USA) Online
For visitors to our site who wish to be informed of exciting new site features, services, and content.
Health and Well-Being
Covering traditional and non-traditional approaches to achieving health and well-being, the Healthy Penguin newsletter offers a variable "required reading list" for the healthy lifestyle.
Highlighting the best in scholarly and popular history as well as biographies of historical figures. You can expect to hear about new books as well as established classics.
Military Fiction, History, and Nonfiction
Military buffs take note. Updates and exclusive sneak-peeks of the latest fiction by heavyweights like Tom Clancy and W.E.B. Griffin as well as the genre's emerging voices. Also features searing nonfiction and topical titles on the latest developments in military techniques, technology, and strategy.
Authors such as Lillian Jackson Braun, Agatha Christie, Sara Paretsky, Robert B. Parker. Cozy, procedural, hard-boiled, and contemporary, with the occasional suspense thrown in for good measure.
Right, left, center. Theory, history, practice. From Classics to the news and dissections of the latest maneuvers, we've got the books for all political sensibilities.
Reading Group Guides
Ideal for leaders of or participants in Book Clubs and Reading Groups, and anyone who likes to discuss a good story. A mix of suggested titles, picks of major media personalities and shows, and perrenial club favorites like The Secret Life of Bees and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Includes free, printable, Reading Group Guides. One of our most popluar newsletters.
Religion and Spirituality
Multidenominational, sometimes non-denominational, with books on all faiths (Western, Eastern, Ancient, Modern), written by prominent spiritual leaders, religious scholars, and spiritual questers.
Historical, contemporary, and suspense romances — they're all here. With books by leading lights including Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts, Lavyrle Spencer, as well as the genre's freshest new voices.
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Authors and books from across the spectrum of these popular genres and three of the most respected publishers in the field: Ace, DAW, and Roc. If you like William Gibson, Frank Herbert, Mercedes Lackey, Tad Williams or others who share the same shelfspace...this is the must-have email update.
Annika, Johnny Mac, Lance, Tiger, the Yanks. We've got the autobiographies and biographies as well as the how-to's and the statistical must-haves for the true fans.
Whether you are an intrepid traveler, or an armchair dreamer, we've got the travel guides and travel writing for you. Featuring travel guides from the popular Rough Guides series.
News on the latest releases in the Adobe Reader, Microsoft Reader, and Palm Reader formats.
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