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"Flanagan Frenzy" is an interactive program designed to celebrate all things John Flanagan, with activities, signage, and incentives, including videos from author John Flanagan!

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Nobody lived on Deadweather but us and the pirates. It wasnt hard to understand why. For one thing, the weather was atrocious. Eleven months out of twelve, it was brutally hot and humid, with no wind at all, so on a bad day the air felt like a hot, soggy blanket smothering you from all sides.

And the other month was September, which meant hurricanes.

Then there was the volcano. It hadnt actually blown in ages, but it belched smoke and shook the earth enough to scare away anybody who mightve overlooked the pirates and the weather. The only reason it didnt scare me, even though plenty of things do, was because Id been born and raised halfway up its slope and didnt know any different.

Thats how I felt about the pirates, too. There were two kinds on Deadweather: the normal ones, who hung around down in Port Scratch, drinking and getting into knife fights whenever they werent off raiding Cartager gold ships; and the busted-down, broken ones, whod lost too many limbs or eyes or organs to crew a ship, but not enough to kill them outright. A few of those stayed in the Scratch, patching together a living in the taverns and the gun shops, but most of them hobbled up the mountain to work for Dad on the ugly fruit plantation.

I dont know what he paid themit couldnt have been much, because we didnt have much. But I guess it was enough, since none of them ever staged a mutiny or tried to kill us all in our sleep.

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