Tedd Arnold

Who He Is

Tedd Arnold first started drawing when he was a child, and he eventually earned his fine arts degree from the University of Florida. He was working as a commercial illustrator when his wife, a kindergarten teacher, drew his attention to children's books. Tedd has published over 50 books as both an author and illustrator. In his spare time, Tedd enjoys playing tennis, sketching, reading, and coin collecting. He lives in New York with his family.

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Photograph © Will Arnold

What He Writes

Tedd writes picture books for children from ages three to eight. His first young adult novel, Rat Life, received the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Young Adult Novel in 2008.

Why Boys Like Him

Tedd approaches the subjects of body parts and figures of speech from a child's point of view and makes these topics understandable—and hilarious—for them. His award-winning young adult novel, Rat Life, is filled with intrigue and suspense—and a dead body!

Tedd Arnold's Books


by Tedd Arnold
Ages 3-8

More Parts

by Tedd Arnold
Ages 3-8

Green Wilma

by Tedd Arnold
Ages 3-8

Rat Life

by Tedd Arnold
Ages 12 up

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