Some boys are born readers. Others are born athletes or scientists or wanna-be racecar drivers or outdoors enthusiasts—but that doesn't mean they can't learn to love to read. We know that, as parents, you're always trying your best to encourage your kids to become readers and to understand the importance of a good story.

  • Try appealing to the interests they already have. Our themes section can be a great resource for this!
  • Read to your young children before bed or naptime.
  • Use the activity sheets we have posted on this site in the printables section as fun follow up to a read-aloud or as entertainment for a long car ride or summer vacation trip.
  • Read to your elementary and middle-school aged children, too! And let them share in the fun and read back to you for a change.
  • Start a mother/son or father/son or brother/brother book club using our book club tips & recommendations page. Encourage your tweens and teens to get involved with programs hosted by your local library or bookstores.
  • Check out our author tours page to see if any of your boys' favorite writers are making appearances in your neck of the woods.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you build the perfect library of must-reads. Here are some great suggestions for every grade level:



by Ralph Consentino
Ages PreS Up

I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean

by Kevin Sherry
Ages 3-5



by Tedd Arnold
Ages 3-8

1st Grade

#2: Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

by Suzy Kline | illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
Ages 6-8

2nd Grade

Monster Squad #1: The Slime That Would Not Die

by Laura Dower | Illustrated by Dave Schlafman
Ages 6-8

3rd Grade

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger

by Kevin Bolger
Ages 9 up


by Ursula Vernon
Ages 8-12

4th Grade


by Brian Jacques
Ages 10 up

5th Grade


by Mike Lupica
Ages 10 up

6th Grade

7th Grade

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

by David Lubar
Ages 12 up

8th Grade

The Outsiders

by S. E. Hinton
Ages 12 up

Must-Reads for Each Grade Level

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» Kindergarten
» 1st Grade
» 2nd Grade
» 3rd Grade
» 4th Grade
» 5th Grade
» 6th Grade
» 7th Grade
» 8th Grade