26 Fairmont Avenue

By Tomie dePaola
Ages 7-9 | Grades 2-4

Why Boys Will Read It:

Delightfully funny and relatable stories will keep boys reading and reading!

What It's About:

Tomie dePaolo shares with readers an autobiographical account of his childhood memories. From his family building a new house to tap dancing lessons to dressing up as Snow White for Halloween, there's truth, sincerity and hilarity!

Learn more at: www.tomie.com.

How to Teach It:

Discuss with your students the differences between a biography and an autobiography. After having read Tomie dePaola's autobiography, have your students write their own! Give them a sheet to fill out with basic information: name, birthday, where they were born, their favorite things, their hobbies, etc.. Then, let the writing begin! To practice public speaking, have your students read their autobiography to the class. You may also want to further the discussion about the differences between biographies and autobiographies. Have your students think about how they would gather information about someone else to write their biography, what if the person isn't alive? Where would they seek out information? Then, they can practice writing biographies about their classmates or perhaps about their favorite author!

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