Accidental Adventures

C. Alexander London
Ages 8-12 | Grades 3-6

Why Boys Will Read It:

Lemony Snicket meets The 39 Clues in these madcap globetrotting adventures. And they’re funny, too!

What It's About:

Eleven-year-old twins Oliver and Celia Navel live on the 4-1/2th floor of the Explorers Club with their father, Dr. Navel. Their mother, Dr. Navel, has been missing for years. So when an explorer shows up with a clue as to where his wife could be, Dr. Navel drags Oliver and Celia to Tibet to find her. The problem is... they would rather be watching television!

How to Teach It:

The Accidental Adventures take place in various places around the world and provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate geography into your discussions of the book.

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