Encyclopedia Brown

By Donald J. Sobol
Ages 8-12 | Grades 2-6

Why Boys Will Read It:

Puzzling mysteries, surprising endings.

What It's About:

One young boy solves mysteries the police cannot!

Leroy Brown is one of the all-time greatest kid sleuths, solving small-town mysteries for almost forty years! Encyclopedia Brown can solve any crime for just 25 cents a day, plus expenses. And usually before dinner time. He even helps his father, the local police chief of Idaville, solve cases!

How to Teach It:

Let your students become detectives!

The Encyclopedia Brown books feature detailed case solutions at the back. Divide students into pairs and have each group of two work on one of Encyclopedia Brown's cases. Then, students should present their solutions to another pair of their classmates, who can check the first group's solution against the one provided in the back of the book. After one group makes their presentation to another, have pairs switch places and give the other students a chance to solve their case!

Series Books

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