George Brown, Class Clown

By Nancy Krulik
Ages 7-9 | Grades 2-4

Why Boys Will Read It:

Not only is George really funny, he's also the kind of character that everyone can relate to, especially those who just can't help getting in trouble!

What It's About:

Katie's pal George is living in a new town, starting a new school, and is determined to turn over a new leaf! No more pranks, no more trips to the principal's office; he's ready to let somebody else be the class clown. But a little bit of mischievous magic can mess up even the best of intentions!

How to Teach It:

George's super burp is the cause and his actions as a result of the burp are the effect. Create a cause and effect chart, listing the details of George's adventures and misadventures.

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A Note from Nancy Krulik:

Hello Educators!

I am so proud to have the chance to personally introduce you to my new series, George Brown, Class Clown. I've written it to attract those kids who haven't yet discovered the magic of reading.

Someone once told me that a reluctant reader is really just a child who hasn't found the right book yet. It's my hope that the George Brown, Class Clown series offers the right books at the right time. I'm a firm believer that once a child discovers a character who makes him laugh, he will curl up in a corner with book in hand and go off on a literary journey. (And, I assure you, George Brown's journeys are unlike any others!)

George has moved to a new town and is starting a new school. He's determined to turn over a new leaf. No more class clown, he's going to be a new, improved George—responsible and well-behaved.

As with Katie, the heroine of my long-standing series Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo, George's life is turned upside down by wacky magic. He's afflicted with gigantic, super-powered, BU-U-U-RPS! The minute one leaves George's lips, he starts doing all sorts of wild and crazy things—and he's powerless to control himself. He juggles raw eggs in the middle of class, he does the hokey pokey on a tabletop at the local ice cream parlor, and during a talent show he dive bombs from the stage straight into the principal's lap. Poor George, it's not his fault—the magic burp made him do it!

I have filled each story with as much slapstick humor as can fit between the covers of a 128-page novel. In the end, I want my readers—your students—to think of this series as a gas-powered launching pad into the wonderful world of reading. And, by the way, I hope you enjoy the books, too!

Thanks so much,
Nancy Krulik

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