By Betty G. Birney
Ages 7-9 | Grades 2-4

Why Boys Will Read It:

Honest, hilarious escapades from everyone's favorite classroom pet—Humphrey, the hamster of Room 26!

What It's About:

In his series of comical adventures, the curious hamster deals with a bully on the bus, a student wrongly accused of misdeed, an unfriendly new stepsister, winning at any cost, watching too much TV and even surviving the great outdoors.

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How to Teach It:

Have your students create their own book titled, "Humphrey's World According to ME!". They can use this to take GREAT-GREAT-GREAT notes and keep all Humphrey related material organized. They can write, draw, color, make their own crossword puzzles, the possibilities are endless. And don't forget to help them make a lock-that-doesn't-lock so they can share everything they are learning with their classmates and classroom pet!

Here are some FUN-FUN-FUN discussion questions and activities to start with:

  1. Why does Humphrey see the world from a different point of view than the other students in Room 26? What do you imagine Humphrey would think of your classroom?
  2. Think about what your classroom is like at night when no one is there. If you were spending the night in your classroom, what would it be like? What might you see and hear that you don't normally see and hear during the day?
  3. Humphrey tells us Ms. Mac sometimes played the bongo drums. Look up bongo drums in the dictionary, encyclopedia or on the internet. Then draw a picture of one (with the definition next to it, of course!) in your "Humphrey's World According to ME!" book!

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by Betty G. Birney

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