Jeff Corwin

Junior Explorer Series
Ages 6-8 | Grades 1-3

Why Boys Will Read It:

Lions, and tigers, and bears... This series will keep boys coming back for creepy crawly adventure and imaginary expedition.

What It's About:

Lucy and Ben are budding naturalists, exploring everything from their own backyard to the wild southwest and the great state of Alaska. Young readers can explore the amazing natural world along with them and wildlife biologist and Emmy Award-winning conservationist, Jeff Corwin.

How to Teach It:

Have your students explore outside the Junior Explorer Series. They can research, draw and make up stories about the animals, plants, and ecosystems featured in the series. Also encourage them to explore their own surroundings and describe the natural life in their backyards and on the playground.

Series Books

Your Backyard Is Wild

by Jeff Corwin

The Wild, Wild Southwest!

by Jeff Corwin

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