The Lost Years of Merlin

By T.A. Barron
Ages 10 up | Grades 5 up

Why Boys Will Read It:

Action-filled fantasy, complete with deep forests, ruined castles, and evil spells.

What It's About:

Merlin's search for his true identity will have readers hooked.

The journey begins when a young boy washes ashore on the coast of ancient Wales. He has no memory, not even his own name! By age 12, Emrys, as he is known, has seen the awakening of his powers and gained his second sight, though he loses much at the same time. While in search of his identity he learns that he is Merlin, destined to be the greatest wizard of all time. But first he must master his powers and protect his home, his friends, and himself.

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How to Teach It:

Talk to your students about the significance of characterization.

Discuss what a character's personal growth contributes to a story. Have students write character descriptions of Merlin in the beginning of the series. While he pursues personal growth and self-discovery throughout the series, how does his character change?

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