Merlin's Dragon

By T.A. Barron
Ages 10 up | Grades 5 up

Why Boys Will Read It:

A dragon is the unlikely hero in this adventure to protect Merlin and save the world.

What It's About:

Boys will love to read about a great adventure from a dragon's perspective.

A young lizard-like creature, with the wings of a bat and the magical power to produce any smell it encounters, is born into the new world of Avalon. Basil cannot find a single creature like himself nor a person who can tell him what he is. But it is clear that Basil is much more than he seems when he stumbles into an encounter with the great Merlin. Basil becomes Merlin's partner as they battle the mysterious shadows that threaten the new Avalon. But sacrifices will be made, relationships will be tested, and precious lives will be lost.

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How to Teach It:

Understanding how to read a map is an important lesson that can be carried to adulthood.

Have your students draw their versions of maps to the legendary Isle of Fincayra and track Basil's journey as they read through the series.

Series Books

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