Simon Bloom

By Michael Reisman
Ages 9-11 | Grades 3-5

Why Boys Will Read It:

Humor and action go perfectly with science fiction based on real science!

What It's About:

Controlling the universe, through science!

Ordinary sixth grader, Simon Bloom, has just made the biggest discovery since gravity. He can't believe his luck when he finds a book that enables him to control the laws of physics. By simply reciting the formulas it contains, he can cancel gravity to fly around his bedroom, or decrease friction so he can slide down the street as if he were on Rollerblades. But Simon has to protect the laws of physics from the villains who want to control it for their own benefit!

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How to Teach It:

Talk to your students about the importance of confidence and self-respect.

Ask students: How does the discovery of the Teacher's Edition change Simon, Owen, and Alysha? What impact do the newly-learned formulas have on the kids' self confidence? Are all the changes positive?

Series Books

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