The Time Warp Trio

By Jon Scieszka
Ages 8-11 | Grades 3-6

Why Boys Will Read It:

Hilarious stories about how history should have happened!

What It's About:

Boys will love the silliness and wackiness that Jon brings to the surface while reading these books.

With heroes like Joe, Fred and Sam, history (or the future, for that matter) is never boring. Each book in the series places the characters in a different time period, solving mysteries, battling baddies and just generally having hilarious, kooky adventures. Whether they are flying through the future to meet their great-granddaughters, running from a swashbuckling pirate who wants his treasure back or making friends with a huge, but actually pretty nice, Neanderthal named Duh, the warp-a-delic threesome always has tons of laughs and even manage to learn a little something along the way.

How to Teach It:

Talk to your students about historical fiction.

What is the benefit to reading stories set in the past? What can students learn? Ask them to picture their great-grandchildren reading "historical fiction" stories about our own time period. How would our present time factor into these future "historical fiction" books?

Series Books

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