The Youngest Templar

By Michael P. Spradlin
Ages 9-11 | Grades 3-6

Why Boys Will Read It:

High adventure in the Crusades—with Robin Hood, the Knights Templar, and the Holy Grail!

What It's About:

Travelling the world, as a chivalrous knight.

As an orphan, Tristan never dreamed he would travel the world or discover the truth about his past. But all that changes when the Knights Templar ride through the abbey on their way to battle. Suddenly, Tristan finds himself as a squire to one of the most respected knights. While exciting, it is also dangerous, as Tristan gets caught between rival knights desperate for power and finds himself entrusted with the most sacred relic of all—the Holy Grail. Can Tristan safely bring the Holy Grail back to England?

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How to Teach It:

Use the adventure in this series to study this exciting period in history.

Tie this series into a unit on classics like King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Introduce King Arthur and Sir Lancelot to students. Have them study the history of that period and discuss why someone like King Arthur or Robin Hood would have been exciting figures at the time.

Series Books

The Youngest Templar #3: Orphan of Destiny

by Michael P. Spradlin

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