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Selected Activity Suggestions

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Teaching Fairy Tales and the Fantastic

What better way to encourage good reading habits than to intrigue and excite your students with exciting fairy tales and fantasy and dystopian stories? Use these other worlds as a springboard for discussing larger concepts, learning history and language arts while having fun along the way. They’ll never know the difference!

For elementary and middle school students, the following adventures provide a wonderful opportunity to teach literature and geography.

Adam Gidwitz’s A Tale Dark and Grimm is a just-a-little-scary and sometimes-a-tad-gruesome reimagining of some of the most famous fairy tales by The Brothers’ Grimm, including Hansel and Gretel. Read the original tales alongside the novel and talk about the differences.

In the Accidental Adventures series, twins Oliver and Celia Navel accompany their explorer father to the exotic locations of Tibet and the Amazon. Study the geography, climate, and culture of these regions. Then ask your students where the Navel twins should go next and explore that region too!

Marie Lu’s Legend is set in The Republic of America, formerly Los Angeles. June is a member of the Republic’s military elite and is being groomed for excellence. Day is from the slums and the Republic’s most notorious criminal. Explore this imagined world with students and discuss the politics and forces at work in the novel. Discuss what it means to support the Republic and to go against it. Finally, this blockbuster novel lends itself to great multi-media opportunities. Have students use film and music to depict scenes in the book. Keep an eye on www.thelegendseries.com for other fun and useful extras!