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Selected Activity Suggestions

Elementary School

Middle School

It's always the right time to start reading a new series! Series are great because once boys get hooked, they just keep reading.

Introduce young readers to Jeffrey Bones, fearless elementary school detective, with Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery. Click over to the authors page to read more about series creator David A. Adler and to the series page to find out more about the Bones books. Try to crack a mystery case each month to keep readers alert and thinking! For higher level elementary and middle school boys, begin the adventurous tales of the Rangers and the special Ranger's Apprentice, Will, with Book 1: The Ruins of Gorlan. Each page-turning installment—filled with daring missions and action-packed battles—is sure to keep boys captivated. Click to the authors page to read more about series creator John Flanagan and to the series page to find out more about the Ranger's Apprentice adventures. Don't miss this detailed discussion and activity guide to the whole series!