It seems like boys have an affinity for all things disgusting—test their limits with these totally gross books!

Blood and Goo and Boogers Too!

by Steve Alton
Ages 6-8 | Grades 1-3

This book reveals the sticky, sniffly secrets of the respiratory and circulatory systems in all their three-dimensional glory. With layers of pop-ups, pulls, and flaps, this book delivers the goods on everything from smelling and snot to blood and scabs.

Chewy, Gooey, Rumble, Plop!

by Steve Alton | illustrated by Nick Sharratt
Ages 7 up | Grades 2 up

Humans are hollow! You are basically just a tube, with a hole at each end. Food goes in one hole and...something else comes out of the other. But what goes on in between?

Bug Out! The World's Creepiest, Crawliest Critters

by Ginjer L. Clarke
Ages 4-8 | Grades PreS-3

This reader features some of the most disgusting, far-out bugs on the planet. Learn how a scorpion uses its poison, discover how the jumping spider hunts, marvel at the weight of the giant wetapunga, and so much more in this book that will have everyone itching for more!

Gross Out! Animals That Do Disgusting Things

by Ginjer L. Clarke
Ages 4-8 | Grades PreS-3

Did you know that the horned lizard squirts blood out of its eyes to scare off predators? Learn more about this creature as well as the leech, the naked mole rat, the hagfish, and many more creepy critters in this sickening and super science book.

Grossology: The Science of Really Gross Things!

by Sylvia Branzei
Ages 8-10 | Grades 2-5

Sometimes it's stinky, sometimes it's crusty, and sometimes it's slimy. But hey, it's your body. It's usually the same stuff on someone else's body that's really gross. But as an Official Grossologist, you will find out a lot of sickening things about everyone.

Grossology and You

by Sylvia Branzei
Ages 8-12 | Grades 2-6

We have news for you: You are gross. (And you thought we'd never find out)! This book provides information in a not-so-serious manner about such topics as blood, eyeballs, brains, bruises, constipation, warts, rashes, and more.

Hands-On Grossology

by Sylvia Branzei
Ages 8-12 | Grades 2-6

This book includes instructions for a variety of simple, but gross, science experiments that illustrate some of the more "disgusting" aspects of human physiology. It also includes related activities and experiments.

Animal Grossology

by Sylvia Branzei
Ages 9-12 | Grades 3-7

Learn about slimy creatures, vomit-munchers, bloodsuckers, and unforgettable animal poops. It's an icky concoction of information, but it contains a heaping helping of real and memorable scientific facts.

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger

by Kevin Bolger
Ages 9 up | Grades 3 up

When Prince Harry convinces Sir Fartsalot that a Snotty Scoundrel is on the prowl to bring danger to the Kingdom of Armpit, Harry, Sir Fartsalot, and their buddy Sir Knotaclew set out to stop the dreaded Booger. Their hilarious quest will bring them face-to-phlegm with all kinds of interesting adventure!